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Active ingredient: Nystatin


The prevention and treatment of candida infections of the oral cavity esophagus and intestinal tract. The suspension provides effective prophylaxis against oral candidiasis in those born of mothers with vaginal candidiasis.

Dosage and Administration:

– For the treatment of denture sores, and oral infections in adults caused by C. Albicans, 1 ml of the suspension should be dropped into the mouth four times daily; it should be kept in contact with the affected areas as long as possible.
– In intestinal and oral candidiasis (thrush) in infants and children, 1 ml should be dropped into the mouth four times a day.
– The longer the suspension is kept in contact with the affected area in the mouth, before swallowing, the greater will be its effect.
– For prophylaxis in the newborn the suggested dose is 1 ml once daily.
– No specific dosage recommendations or precautions


Carton box containing bottle of 30 ml+ dropper + pamphlet.


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