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Each 100 gram contains:
– Bacitracin (as zinc) 50,000 IU.
– Neomycin (as sulphate) B.P. 0.35 g.


– Dermatological infections:
Bacterial infections of the skin as: pyodermaias, kruncles, abscesses after incisions, barber’s rash, paronychia, erythema, impetigo, secondary bacterial infection of eczema, and dermatitis. Varicose ulcer, prophylaxis in burns, postoperative wounds and traumatic surface wounds.
– Gynecological infections:
Post episiotomy perineal rupture, mastitis after incision, prophylaxis of mastitis.
– Pediatric infections:
Treatment and prevention of infections associating Napkin rash.
– ENT infections:
Secondary infections in acute and chronic rhinitis, otitis externa,
postoperative use in sinuses and mastoid operations.

Dosage and Administration:

– Apply a thin layer of the ointment on the affected area once to three times daily.
– The treated area may be covered with sterile bandage.


Tubes of 20 gm.


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